My Tantric Sex Present For William And Kate

I find it extraordinary that so many people are excited by the wedding of two people they’ve never met and never will meet. Why are so many people living so vicariously? I would suggest they get a copy of my book How To Be Happier and start enjoying their own lives.

The challenge for William and Kate is the same that faces most modern couples – how to make the wedding night particularly special, given that they’ve been living together. Not easy for anybody following the rigours of a wedding. In fact, I’d advise anybody getting married to have sex first thing in the morning, rather than after the celebrations when too much champagne has been drunk. A large quantity of alcohol beforehand doesn’t make for great sex – but a small quantity afterwards prolongs the dopamine hit very nicely.

So my suggestion for a really memorable wedding night would be to get started on Tantric sex. In fact, I can reveal that I’ve sent the happy couple a copy of my book Get Intimate With Tantric Sex and I like to think of them sitting up in bed together, reading it and trying out one or two of the more advanced techniques. One specific piece of advice. They should take their crowns off. They do get in the way.

Never mind about princes and princesses. In Tantra every woman is a goddess and every man is a god. Now that’s my idea of democracy. If you’d like to understand Tantric sex better click on the Tantric Sex button and then select Gods And Goddesses.

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  1. You’re supposed to be an expert on happiness and to want people to be happy. So why are you criticising people for being happy about the wedding of William and Kate? Just because you didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean that other people can’t. If it made people happy, that’s good.

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