Thanks For The Dating Tips

Thanks to everyone who sent in dating ideas – copies of my Kama Sutra are on their way. I spent the Easter holiday incorporating the suggestions into the new book. I couldn’t use everything so I thought I’d share with you here a couple that were left out.

Scarlet emailed to say that when she’s out for the evening she’ll anounce to a group of men that she needs someone to look after her Pill for her and remind her when it’s time to take it. The result is a sort of feeding frenzy as the guys jostle to be the chosen one. She says it never fails.

Darren says his tactic is to make a date, then phone to break it, then turn up with flowers, then break another date, then be nice again, and so on. Maybe it works but, Darren, I think you’re a very nasty, manipulative person and that’s why your tip isn’t going in the book.

I’ll finish it all off over the bank holiday. That’s the great thing about being a writer. I work when everywhere is crowded (and expensive) and have fun when things have returned to normal. So yesterday we slipped out to cycle part of the new Camino de la Muga – a cycleway that follows the Muga river. We ended up on the beach at Empuriabrava. It was a beautiful, sunny day with that marvellous luminescence you often get here. The beach was almost deserted. We had a swim then cycled back again. As soon as I switched my laptop back on I received the proofs for Amazing Sex The Tantric Way. Proofs are one of the less enjoyable aspects of being a writer. But someone had to do them. So…I get my partner to read them. It actually is better for someone else to look them over. It’s all too easy for me to see what I expect to see, rather than what’s actually there. Even so, I’ll still have to add or delete to make sure each chapter ends on a recto (publishing speak for the right-hand page).  So there won’t be any more cycling to the beach for a few days. Speaking of the Friday bank holiday (not here in Spain) I’ll be blogging my advice to William and Kate tomorrow (but I won’t be watching).

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