What Is Tantric Sex?

A woman friend of a woman friend this week asked me what I ‘do’ and, as usual, I replied: ‘Write about Tantric sex.’ There are other subjects I could mention but Tantric sex is my most special of specialities and, anyway, I like to see what reaction I get.

‘Ah, yes,’ she said, not at all rattled. ‘Making love for a long time.’

This is one of the commonest misconceptions about Tantric sex. Another is that lighting candles, burning incense and being especially nice to one another amounts to Tantric sex. None of this is correct.

Tantric sex is about using sexual energy for spiritual purposes.

If you don’t have a spiritual aim then it isn’t Tantric sex, no matter what techniques you employ.

The point about lengthy sex is that it enables the sexual energy to build to extraordinary levels. But you still have to use that energy in the right way.


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