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Make Your Own (Tantric) Sex Film

Heard Victoria Coren on the radio the other day. The daughter of the late humorist Alan Coren, her two claims to fame are that she’s a top poker player (about which she wrote a book called For Richer, For Poorer) and, secondly, that she and Charlie Skelton once tried to make a porn film (about […]

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Tantric Sex – Fact And Fiction

A great deal of fiction nowadays surrounds Tantric sex. The problem is that Tantra was not founded by any single person and has never had any sort of ruling body to define its beliefs, so its teachings have varied from century to century, place to place, and guru to guru. Quite frankly, there are lots […]

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Thanks For The Dating Tips

Thanks to everyone who sent in dating ideas – copies of my Kama Sutra are on their way. I spent the Easter holiday incorporating the suggestions into the new book. I couldn’t use everything so I thought I’d share with you here a couple that were left out. Scarlet emailed to say that when she’s out for […]

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What Is Tantric Sex?

A woman friend of a woman friend this week asked me what I ‘do’ and, as usual, I replied: ‘Write about Tantric sex.’ There are other subjects I could mention but Tantric sex is my most special of specialities and, anyway, I like to see what reaction I get. ‘Ah, yes,’ she said, not at […]

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Keep Practising

Wanking has a very bad name. Just about everybody does it and yet most people would sooner admit to doing drugs. For those of you who feel embarrassed I have a solution. From now on simply consider it as practising. (more…)

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