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Kama Sutra Illustrated Positions

My ebook Secrets Of The Kama Sutra now has an online gallery of positions, mostly using photographs of couples or women alone. This is a huge improvement because some of the authentic positions are quite difficult to describe in words. Seeing the photographs makes everything clear.

And unlike a printed book, the gallery will be expanded constantly. What I’m doing is inviting couples to photograph themselves and then email the photos for uploading. It’s not necessary to be naked unless you want to be. In fact, back when the Kama Sutra was compiled it was quite normal to dress up for sex rather than undress. It’s all up to you.

Initially, I want to get several illustrations of each of the authentic 21 positions. Once that’s done, I’ll be inviting readers to come up with their own positions, inspired by the Kama Sutra.

If you want to take part it will be great fun. You can cover yourselves with body jewellery or flowers, you can put on Indian-style clothing, you can wear Western-style lingerie, or you can be naked. Your faces can be averted if you want. You can be anonymous, or credited in the caption. It would also be nice to create a Kama Sutra ambience with drapes and other accessories but it’s not essential. It’s all up to you. The important thing is that the positions must be correct.

This is a serious project and if you’d like to give it a go just click here to read more.

The Kama Sutra Is Not Tantric Sex

Now that I’ve published Secrets Of The Kama Sutra as an ebook I’ve had a few emails from people confused about the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex. Even some professional sex writers are confused. So let’s be clear. The Kama Sutra is not about Tantric Sex.

Here’s the difference:

  • ·         In the Kama Sutra, sex is for pleasure.
  • ·         In Tantra, sex is for spiritual experience.

This is a big difference. So why the confusion? A little of the history of Tantric sex will make everything clearer. Back in the early days, some Tantrikas (it’s important to stress ‘some’) used the energy generated in sexualised group rituals to gain siddhis (magical powers) and enlightenment. Well, that’s what they hoped. Every woman who took part became a goddess for the duration of the ceremony and every man became a god. So it wasn’t important who you had sex with. It was the spiritual experience that was important.

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Sex Tips Please, Lachlan, Bob, Emma Et Al

Sex Tips Please, Lachlan, Bob, Emma Et Al

The artist Tracey Emin has told me that her favourite sex position is ‘face in pillow, bum in air’.  Well, she didn’t actually tell me personally. She told a journalist writing for the Sunday Times and the journalist told me. Well, the journalist didn’t actually tell me personally. She wrote it. But, anyway, it all comes down to the same thing. I know and you now know that Tracey Emin likes doggy or, as I call it in my book Have Great Sex, ‘cuddly bears‘. (Some women object to the idea of having sex like a dog, which is why I renamed it and added a few refinements.)

Why should that be so unusual? After all, most adults have sex. And yet it is unusual. No one wants to say anything in case they’re thought weird. Basically, most people are very inhibited when it comes to sex.

The point of all this is that I’m just not getting enough feedback to my blogs. I know you’re out there Lachlan. You too, Bob. And Emma and Barbara and Erica. And all the rest of you. At the very least, you could just click on ‘Comment’ and say you think I’m writing rubbish. But it would be even better if you did a ‘Tracey Emin’. Say what’s your favourite sex position and I’ll compile a league table. (For the purposes of the exercise I’m considering a position to be the combined effort, rather than the individual posture of one or other of you.)

Or just share a sex tip with us. Recently I gave a lift to two women. To pass the time they asked what I do for a living and I explained that I write about sex. I could also have said I write about happiness but I enjoy the reaction when I say ‘sex’. Neither woman was at all inhibited. One of them then told me that when she was really excited she enjoyed having an ice cube slipped into her vagina. She said it facilitated an incredible orgasm.

Over to you.

Kama Sutra Ebook Online Now

My ebook Secrets Of The Kama Sutra is now available online. To buy a copy all you have to do is click on the banner at the top of the page. For a trivial sum of money you could be enjoying some really exotic sex this very night. What’s different about this book compared with all the other books about the Kama Sutra? The fact is, most books about the Kama Sutra just aren’t accurate. Mine is. For example, you’ll find plenty of ‘Kama Sutra’ books describing postures known as the ‘pair of tongs’ and the ‘mare’s position’. But those aren’t positions at all but techniques a woman can use to increase excitement. My book explains those secrets and many others. The Kama Sutra is the oldest sex manual in the world to have survived in its entirety. If you want to know the truth about it, click on the banner.

Kama Sutra

My Teach Yourself book about the Kama Sutra is no longer in print but I’ll be making it available as an ebook on this website very soon as Secrets Of The Kama Sutra. It will be slightly longer than the original and with some improvements. But I have a problem. I don’t have any illustrations for it. So I’m inviting all of you to send your own digital photos illustrating one or more positions of the Kama Sutra. There are actually 21 authentic positions and they’re not all difficult or acrobatic by any means. You can dress up a bit Indian-style, if you wish, or you can be completely naked. You can show your faces or you can conceal them. It’s all up to you. Use the contact form to email me and attach your images. By sending me a digital image you are agreeing that I can post it on this site to accompany the text of Secrets Of The Kama Sutra. And you must both be in agreement. Unless you say otherwise I’ll assume you’ll prefer to be anonymous.To read descriptions of the 21 authentic positions click on Positions.

By  the way, I still have some copies of the paperback Teach Yourself Kama Sutra. If you’d like one you can buy it by clicking on the button on the left-hand side of the page.

Women On Top

Two good things and one bad thing happened just before Easter. Firstly, I was offered a ‘three-book deal’. Admittedly, the books will be quite short, but, even so, ‘three-book deal’ sounds rather impressive. Delivery 2012. Naturally, I accepted.

The second good thing was that my partner arrived back from the UK and we lost very little time in getting at it. All was going well in various positions until we switched to woman-on-top. I have a friend who hates a woman to get on top. He’s Catalan and Catalan men have some rather old-fashioned ideas. I, on the other hand, find those positions very exciting. The whole psychology is changed. But this time gravity was suddenly too much of an impediment. That was the bad thing. I felt the blood draining away and my confidence quickly followed. A little bit too much practising, maybe (see previous entry). For some advice on this click on Erection Problems in the Sex For Boomers section.