Sex Tips Please, Lachlan, Bob, Emma Et Al

Sex Tips Please, Lachlan, Bob, Emma Et Al

The artist Tracey Emin has told me that her favourite sex position is ‘face in pillow, bum in air’.  Well, she didn’t actually tell me personally. She told a journalist writing for the Sunday Times and the journalist told me. Well, the journalist didn’t actually tell me personally. She wrote it. But, anyway, it all comes down to the same thing. I know and you now know that Tracey Emin likes doggy or, as I call it in my book Have Great Sex, ‘cuddly bears‘. (Some women object to the idea of having sex like a dog, which is why I renamed it and added a few refinements.)

Why should that be so unusual? After all, most adults have sex. And yet it is unusual. No one wants to say anything in case they’re thought weird. Basically, most people are very inhibited when it comes to sex.

The point of all this is that I’m just not getting enough feedback to my blogs. I know you’re out there Lachlan. You too, Bob. And Emma and Barbara and Erica. And all the rest of you. At the very least, you could just click on ‘Comment’ and say you think I’m writing rubbish. But it would be even better if you did a ‘Tracey Emin’. Say what’s your favourite sex position and I’ll compile a league table. (For the purposes of the exercise I’m considering a position to be the combined effort, rather than the individual posture of one or other of you.)

Or just share a sex tip with us. Recently I gave a lift to two women. To pass the time they asked what I do for a living and I explained that I write about sex. I could also have said I write about happiness but I enjoy the reaction when I say ‘sex’. Neither woman was at all inhibited. One of them then told me that when she was really excited she enjoyed having an ice cube slipped into her vagina. She said it facilitated an incredible orgasm.

Over to you.

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