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Withholding Ejaculation

From: Julia, Brighton. Dear Paul Jenner I enjoyed your book Get Intimate with Tantric Sex very much, but as a woman in a long-term and happy relationship I am finding adapting to some of your suggestions rather hard. I appreciate that, for instance, non-ejaculatory sex is a great thing in terms of frequency of intercourse […]

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Reader Writes: Orgasm From Energy Circulation

From: Ms K of Canterbury   Dear Mr Jenner I am an 18 year old girl and I have had a serious boyfriend for about ten months. I started university last Autumn and and he is soon going away to another university.  He wants to have sex to “cement” our relationship but I don’t want […]

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Gods And Goddesses

  With all the obsession about princes and princesses or duchesses or whatever I thought I’d blog about something far more interesting – gods and goddesses. In Tantric sex every woman is a goddess and every man is a god. Why? Well, traditionally, there were several reasons. The first one stems from the idea that […]

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