Reader Writes: Tantric Sex

From: Mr D, Birmingham.

Dear Paul,

I’d like to thank you for writing Get Intimate With Tantric Sex. I was looking for a book that might help me and my wife and when I came across yours it was the obvious choice because, although she wouldn’t admit it, I’m sure my wife has always felt guilty about sex. Something to do with her upbringing, no doubt. So our sex life has been difficult and for the last couple of years there’s not been much.

When I read how sex could be spiritual I wondered if that could be the way to overcome her inhibitions. I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t actually very interested in the spiritual side of it. I just wanted to have a good sex life. I was using it as an excuse. So I began talking to her about the spiritual side of sex and how it could be a religious experience.  She had a look for herself and eventually I got her to agree to try nyasa.  She sat up on the bed, supported by some pillows, and I caressed her and massaged her breasts and different places until, finally, I bowed down between her thighs saying that she was a goddess and that her yoni was the entrance to paradise etc. etc. My face was closer to her yoni than it had ever been in all those years of marriage. I knew she could feel my hot breath on her because she moaned a little each time I breathed out. I moved my lips closer and closer until her pubic hair was tickling me and then, very, very gently, I put out my tongue and touched it against her clitoris. It was as if I’d given her an electric shock. For a moment she didn’t know what to do, but then I felt her open her thighs wider and I knew she wanted me to do it some more. So I pressed my tongue against her ‘sacred’ yoni. It was so unbelievably smooth and soon I was tasting the juice that flowed out of her. The strange thing is that when I thought about it later I really did feel as if I’d absorbed some of her ‘female essences’ and become more in touch with my own feminine side.

Anyway, to get back to where I was, she was moaning in a way she never had before and soon she was begging me to slide into her. The next big new thing was this idea of holding back ejaculation. I now realise I hardly ever gave my wife time to orgasm before, which is probably why she’d never developed much of a taste for sex. Using the ‘locking method’ and the psychological techniques that you described I was able to keep going and going. She had at least three orgasms and I almost came each time. And every time I nearly came it was like moving up to another level of ecstasy.  I’d never felt sensations like it before. The whole inside of her vagina felt swollen and electric and very, very wet. As for my wife, she was almost delirious. In the past she sometimes had one orgasm, more often no orgasm, and now she’d had three in a row.I said to her to think about the most spiritual scene she could imagine and to hold onto that image and then we would both come together. At this she went absolutely crazy. I wouldn’t have believed how far she could get her legs open as she pulled me into her and we timed it to perfection. Her eyes actually rolled up and she told me afterwards she really had seen a vision of paradise.

I’ll admit that I just saw your book as a means to an end. But we’re now both of us really into Tantric sex, the physical and the spiritual. My wife still has a bit of a way to go before she’ll do the most ‘exotic’ things you describe, but I’m sure we’ll get there. Now we both use the expression ‘shall we pray?’ And then we do…


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