Female Genital Mutilation

I’ve just signed a petition against female genital mutilation, asking the Home Secretary Theresa May to take action. FGM has been illegal in Britain since 1985 but, apparently, no one has ever been convicted of this crime in the UK. That certainly isn’t because no young women are being mutilated. In the London area alone there were 166 complaints over the past four years. And last month a Sunday Times investigation uncovered some of those who are willing to commit this crime for a few hundred pounds. If you would also like to sign the petition here’s the link:


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  1. These women and girls deserve the same right to life as the rest of us. Regardless of your beliefs FGM can make every day a physical or emotional agony for these women and even put their life in danger. It’s horrific, unnecessary and something that doesn’t belong in this century. Please end it.

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