Erotic Stories Needed

 There have been some very good entries for my first erotic story competition but not quite enough to make a serious contest out of it. So I’m going to extend the deadline to 31st January 2012. Instead of the usual party games for New Year, why not try collaborating on some erotica instead? With a group of friends you could take turns to read out your wildest experiences. Or if it’s just you and your partner you could each set down your reactions to the things you’ve done. You’ll discover some interesting things about one another, I’m sure. (For details see my blog ‘Erotic Story Competition’ dated November 11.)

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  1. Well id not worked for a while after maternity leave felt really unconfident, fat and unsociable.i didnt want to leave our 6 month old baby boy alfie with a childminder but I needed my independence n my contribution to the house.yh pretty fair to ssy I was feelin a little depressed.i just landed a new job it wasnt millions just a basic telephone operator.the first day I was terrified but tried to make an effort I felt lukewarm not quite hot.the bloke I introduced myself to showed me my place n showed me the ropes I guess I was flirtin bk I cud tel he fancied me he wud av ad me there n then.ha ha. But there was someone that caught my eye nr the photocopier if my husband ad been there god I wud av felt so jealous but somehow stsrin at her perk bum n nice legs n gorgeous tits I wud av payed 50 grand for I felt wet below.she asked if I knew how to do the filing in the green rm I said no.she looked liked she was attracted to me n I felt my clit pulsate just looking at her.i followed her into the rm id never been a lesbian but I felt so sexy and like id never felt wiv a bloke.i wanted her so much n I wanted to please her so much.i was shovked she gently lifted me up on top of the fotocopier n ripped my oanties short skirt lifted up n she pulled my legs apart.god it felt so besutigul.she sucked n licked my clit n insefted

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