Women On Top

Two good things and one bad thing happened just before Easter. Firstly, I was offered a ‘three-book deal’. Admittedly, the books will be quite short, but, even so, ‘three-book deal’ sounds rather impressive. Delivery 2012. Naturally, I accepted.

The second good thing was that my partner arrived back from the UK and we lost very little time in getting at it. All was going well in various positions until we switched to woman-on-top. I have a friend who hates a woman to get on top. He’s Catalan and Catalan men have some rather old-fashioned ideas. I, on the other hand, find those positions very exciting. The whole psychology is changed. But this time gravity was suddenly too much of an impediment. That was the bad thing. I felt the blood draining away and my confidence quickly followed. A little bit too much practising, maybe (see previous entry). For some advice on this click on Erection Problems in the Sex For Boomers section.

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