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Are Boomers Boring In The Bedroom?

I’ve just been looking through some figures from a survey carried out for the Channel 4 Sex Education Show and I have to say I’m embarrassed on behalf of my fellow Boomers. Here are some of the findings for the 55+ age group : 33% haven’t had sex at all in the past year Only […]

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Sex Is Better Than Commuting

As I was blogging in the Writer’s Life section, I once had to drive 90 minutes to get to work in the morning and 90 minutes to get home again. That was pretty extreme but a lot of people accept two hours of commuting per day as normal. Boomers have mostly given that up, either […]

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Women On Top

Two good things and one bad thing happened just before Easter. Firstly, I was offered a ‘three-book deal’. Admittedly, the books will be quite short, but, even so, ‘three-book deal’ sounds rather impressive. Delivery 2012. Naturally, I accepted. The second good thing was that my partner arrived back from the UK and we lost very […]

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