Reader Writes: Ripping Time In Bed

From: Ms C, Weybridge


Dear Paul,

I felt I just had to write to you about your book “Get Intimate with Tantric Sex” as I feel it has probably changed my life.  For the better I am sure.

As a suburban woman in my late 40’s I count myself as well educated, well balanced and, above all, someone open to new experiences.  I am in a long-term relationship, not married but living with a man who is loving, kind and in whom I have the utmost respect.

The only problem has been that our sex-life has not been as active or exciting as either of us would like. It’s difficult to explain why but I think we have both become a little too staid, and perhaps have even always been somewhat inhibited in our approach to the bedroom.

So I bought the book.  I didn’t want to purchase something which was overtly a sex manual. That would have seemed too pointed a way of saying I wasn’t satisfied. But the idea of combining something as historical and fascinating as Tantra and its influence on sex seemed ideal.

We have read through the book, mostly together and mostly when we get ourselves to bed (we now always try to make sure we go to bed at the same time for this time is naturally a very intimate one).

I feel that one of the most important things we have both learned is to be much more open with firstly ourselves and then, of course, with each other.

Your Chapter 3, Breaking Taboos, was the key to progress and, to date much more carefree, joyful and successful sex.

Let me tell you a little about how we followed your advice.

One evening we went to bed a little earlier than usual. The bedroom was warm, the bed also and I had got into the habit of always lighting some incense sticks and some candles when I went up to turn on the electric blanket.  Even if sex isn’t contemplated the bedroom becomes a boudoir, a very special place like this.

Instead of getting ready for bed as we usually do – each on his or her own side, a modest if not embarrassed shedding of clothes, I suggested my lover came around to my side and undress me.

I was wearing a silk shirt with a lot of buttons and he started fumbling with them one, by one.  “Rip it off” I whispered, and he did, in one hard wrench. It was so exciting. With the tatters of the shirt still around my shoulders, he pulled off the bra and I wriggled out of my skirt. Now just the panties. They had to be ripped off as well.  I was enjoying this. We fell onto the bed, hotter and wetter than almost ever before. I lay with my hips on the bed but my legs, wide open, still on the floor. My lover pushed my thighs apart and licked and sucked at my crotch as never before. We were panting deliciously and when he entered me I arched my back and groaned out loud. That was pure sexual pleasure and it was wonderful.

I felt a little sorry about the silk blouse afterwards, but together we will go on a shopping expedition to replace it and the panties and what’s more we will be ensuring that the wardrobe is well-stocked with rippables.

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