Am I Weird?

From: Dale, Girona.

I need to ask you a question. Do you think it’s weird to want to watch your girlfriend peeing? I’d like to, but my girlfriend is embarrassed. She also says she can’t understand why anybody would find it the least bit erotic. She thinks it’s very odd.

I know there are other men who feel the same as I do because there are porn films that feature women peeing. But I don’t know if it’s a tiny minority of men (and therefore abnormal) or a significant number of men (and therefore normal).

I’ve suggested various ways of overcoming her reluctance. For example, I suggested she could pee while we were taking a shower together. I’d hardly notice anything. Then, as the next step, she could pee while showering but with her legs sufficiently apart for me to see the jet. What I’d like most of all is for her to squat down in the normal way, but half naked or completely naked, so I could see the pee coming out of her body.

It’s partly just out of curiosity but I think it would be erotic and also sort of funny at the same time. And intimate. And endearing. And even mystical.

Of course, I don’t mean watching all the time. But I’d like to see it at least once. And maybe, when we’re hiking, she wouldn’t feel the need to hide behind a bush…

Can you give your opinion? If you say my girlfriend is right and it’s weird then I won’t mention it again. But if you say it’s normal then I’ll try to cajole her into it. After all, it’s not as if she minds showing her pussy – I see it most days.

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  1. Hi Dale,
    You’ve really put me on the spot here because I don’t believe anybody, man or woman, should be pressured into doing something sexual they don’t want to do. You’re using me to influence your girlfriend. But the simple answer is, yes, lots of men who haven’t seen it are fascinated by the way women pee. I even heard of a man who put on a diving mask to see close up (it didn’t work because he couldn’t see out through the splashing on the glass). I think you’re right to take the step-by-step approach. But your girlfriend has a perfect right to refuse.

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