Writing About Sex

It’s a tough job writing about sex. I could have been watching TV like other people but yesterday evening I devoted myself to the one-hour yoni massage. And there was no overtime pay. But, as they say, somebody has to do it. For those of you not yet into Tantric sex the yoni is the vulva/vagina.

  • 1st stage. According to my friend P who recommended it (see my Writer’s Life entry for March 19th) you begin with a special kind of whole body massage for 15 minutes. Essentially you ‘brush energy’ with your fingertips firstly towards the base of your partner’s spine and then towards the pubic mound.
  • 2nd stage. Next, for 2 minutes, comes the special moment when, seated beside her, you place your left hand over her yoni and your right over her heart and circulate the energy from yoni to heart to yoni.
  • 3rd stage. Conventional thigh massage for 5 minutes.
  • 4th stage. Massage the outer and inner lips for 10 minutes.
  • 5th stage. Massage and tease the clitoris for 15 minutes.
  • 6th stage. Massage the G-spot for 5 minutes.
  • 7th stage. Massage the G-spot and the clitoris together for 5 minutes.

The verdict? Time seems to pass very quickly for both of you. Especially if you’ve got some good music going. (And don’t forget the incense and the candles). In fact, it’s a very beautiful experience, more Taoist than Tantric but nevertheless resembling the Tantric nyasa as described in Get Intimate With Tantric Sex. (And it’s infinitely more enjoyable than TV.)

According to P, the one-hour yoni massage isn’t foreplay. It’s something for itself and when it’s over it’s over. But how many people will be able to resist carrying on? Try it and see.

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