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60 Wrong Ways To Have Sex – and how to do it right

Do you think you’re good in bed?

How do you know?
Because your partner has never complained?

According to my research, that’s no way at all of judging your performance. The fact is, most women and men feel:

· Too embarrassed to say what they want in bed

· Too awkward to mention things that are clumsy or uncomfortable.

But quite a few women and men have confided in me.

My name is Paul Jenner and I’m a specialist writer on getting the most out of life. Particularly sex. When I was writing Have Great Sex and Get Intimate With Tantric Sex I ran focus groups to get people’s reactions. And very often they told me things they’d never shared with their partners. The number one complaint among women was that men got angry if they were asked to do something in a particular way. As a result, those women stopped asking. And the number one complaint among men was that women didn’t know the right way to ask for things. As a result, the men stopped listening.

There were women who had:

· Never told their partners how they liked their clitorises stroked and licked

· Never been allowed to play with themselves during lovemaking

· Never experienced G-spot stimulation

· Never fantasised out loud

· Never had more than one orgasm in a session

· Always had to suffer poor hygiene.

And there were men who had:

· Never seen their partners in suspender belts and stockings

· Never been able to make love in full light

· Never experienced fellatio

· Never had a partner take an active role

· Never experienced rear-entry positions

· Always felt they alone were to blame when sex wasn’t good.

Now I’ve collected those complaints together into one book, 60 Wrong Ways To Have Sex – and how to do it right. There you’ll find:

· The 20 Biggest Mistakes Men Make

· The 20 Biggest Mistakes Women Make

And also:

· The 20 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make.

But it’s not just about describing the mistakes. 60 Wrong Ways To Have Sex – and how to do it right also gives detailed instructions for becoming a great lover. If you follow them, you’ll know for sure that you’re ‘good in bed’. You’ll:

· Give more pleasure


· Receive more pleasure.

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