Your Mind Is Your Aphrodisiac

Since I wrote about Maca I’ve had a few emails asking about more powerful aphrodisiacs and my promise to blog on the human mind. Okay. The most powerful that I know of is fantasy. But you have to know how to use it. You have to know what’s likely to turn your partner on, and your partner has to know what turns you on.

Even couples who have been together for years have little or no idea of one another’s fantasy lives so I always suggest beginning with a fairly innocent suggestion.Next time you’re making love you could say something like:

  • Last night I dreamed we were having sex on a beach and people were watching
  • I wish I could have been in your changing room today with all those men/women.

If your partner responds, all well and good. If not, drop the idea for the moment and try some other fantasies another time. You can be pretty sure your partner does have a fantasy sex life. It’s just a question of discovering what it is. Once you’ve teased it out so you can develop scenarios together, taking turns to move the ‘story’ forward as you make love.

I should warn you, though, that just like pills and powders, fantasies can have side effects. Be careful you don’t try a fantasy that turns your partner off rather than on.

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  1. I followed your advice last night and was absolutely astonished by the result. My girlfriend got more turned on than I’ve ever known when I introduced the idea of her sharing a changing room with another girl. Soon she was fantasizing about trying on one another’s clothes, then one another’s underwear, then, well, you can imagine… I had the best sex ever but now I have a worry in the back of my mind – Is my girlfriend a lesbian?

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