Obsession, Sex And Surfing

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People sometimes tell me that I’m ‘obsessed’ by sex. It’s always meant as a criticism. Well, I’ve been thinking about this word ‘obsessed’ and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the right way to be.

I see my greatest fault as never having being obsessed enough with certain things. If you’re not obsessed, you’ll never be really good. So I intend to put that right. Yesterday I finished the book on dating and as a reward I’ve decided to spend a couple of days being totally obsessed by s…s…surfing.

I’d never realised that it was possible to surf in the Mediterranean round here. But by chance I recently met up with a guy from Australia who, like many Ozzies, is into it. He was rather contemptuous of the local surf but assured me it was possible. He got me interested. So I began reading Riding The Magic Carpet by Tom Anderson. As a result of all that we went to Decathlon and bought an 8’ foamie – that’s a beginner surfboard made of foam. And yesterday, the dating book safely emailed to my editor, we went to the beach. Balancing the board is not easy, I can tell you. But I did manage to get onto my feet, even if I did topple over almost immediately. And, you know what, I think it just could become another long-term obsession. Just like s…s…snowboarding. Oh yes. And s…s…sex.

If you’d like to be more obsessed with sex keep watching my blogs, especially on Tantric Sex, where I’ll be explaining how a man, irrespective of age, can easily have sex every day, or even several times a day.

For me, there’s something intriguing and mysterious that links sex, snowboarding and surfing. Does anybody out there agree? And do you also agree that obsession is good? Share your thoughts with us by using the Comments box.

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