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Anal Sex

From Mr S, Cardiff. I read your book Have Great Sex a couple of weeks ago and found quite a lot of new ideas. But the thing that really blew my mind was the section on anal sex. It’s not as if I’d never heard of anal sex. I’d just never dared try it before. […]

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Jane Fonda Enjoys Prime Time

The actress Jane Fonda has a new book out called Prime Time and a big chunk of it is devoted to sex for older people. She writes about masturbation, sex toys, Viagra, porn films, hormone replacement and especially testosterone for women who have lost their libido. At 73 Jane is still bonking away. Good for […]

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Erection Problems

What can a man do if his erection suddenly fades away during sex? The most important thing is not to get anxious. It’s most likely to happen in a woman-on-top position due to the effect of gravity. So the first thing to do is separate and simply relax. Anxiety is the enemy of erection. Reflect […]

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