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What Turns Women On?

A question I often get asked by men is, ‘What turns women on?’. I can only know what women tell me, of course. And what I read in research papers. Generally, guys, it’s not rubbing her clitoris or anything like that. At least, not initially – that comes later. Here are some of the things […]

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From: AH Dundee. Dear Mr Jenner I always try and satisfy my partner when having sex but I just don’t like it when he licks my privates. I thinks it’s dirty and not normal. Many men seem to think they have got the right to go down there between my legs and I don’t agree. […]

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Keep Practising

Wanking has a very bad name. Just about everybody does it and yet most people would sooner admit to doing drugs. For those of you who feel embarrassed I have a solution. From now on simply consider it as practising. (more…)

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