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From: AH Dundee. Dear Mr Jenner I always try and satisfy my partner when having sex but I just don’t like it when he licks my privates. I thinks it’s dirty and not normal. Many men seem to think they have got the right to go down there between my legs and I don’t agree. […]

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Withholding Ejaculation

From: Julia, Brighton. Dear Paul Jenner I enjoyed your book Get Intimate with Tantric Sex very much, but as a woman in a long-term and happy relationship I am finding adapting to some of your suggestions rather hard. I appreciate that, for instance, non-ejaculatory sex is a great thing in terms of frequency of intercourse […]

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Am I Weird?

From: Dale, Girona. I need to ask you a question. Do you think it’s weird to want to watch your girlfriend peeing? I’d like to, but my girlfriend is embarrassed. She also says she can’t understand why anybody would find it the least bit erotic. She thinks it’s very odd. I know there are other […]

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