Submit Your Own Kama Sutra Photos

Take Part In The First Ever Kama Sutra Gallery


Quite a lot of the positions in Secrets Of The Kama Sutra now have accompanying photographs to make them clear. But more are still needed. And that’s where you come in. As they say, a photograph is probably worth more than a thousand words. There are books on the Kama Sutra using professional models (some of them not very accurate) but I think it’s a great idea to invite amateurs to give their own interpretations. As far as I know it’s never been done before. If you’d like to join the others who have contributed to this project all you have to do is attach your photo or photos to an email and send to this website: [email protected].  (Please try to keep the file size per photo to 100kb or less.)

You don’t have to be naked. In fact, at the time of the Kama Sutra, wealthy couples would have worn lots and lots of body jewellery. A woman might have worn a choli (a sort of crop top). A man might have worn a cloak. Nor do you actually have to be having intercourse – you just have to be in the position. Your faces can be averted if you want. It’s up to you.

No need to show your face

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose your position or positions from those described below.
  2. Set the scene. You don’t have to make it look like 3rd/4th century India but a few ‘Kama Sutra’ accessories would be a nice touch.
  3. Pose. You can be together or, alternatively, certain of the positions could be demonstrated by a woman on her own. It’s up to you. The key point is that it must be an accurate portrayal of the authentic position.
  4. Take the pictures. One way is to put the camera on a tripod and use the time delay feature. Another is to shoot some digital video and then select the best frames. Or a woman alone can demonstrate the position while her partner takes the photograph.
  5. You must both be over 18 and in agreement that the photograph can be used to illustrate the ebook Secrets Of The Kama Sutra and on the website. The person who submits the photograph(s) is legally responsible. The copyright of the photograph(s) remains with you.
  6. Say in your email how you would like to be credited in the caption to the photograph. If you prefer you can remain anonymous.
  7. Attach the photo(s) to the email and send. (Remember: please try to keep the file size to 100kb per photo or less.)

There’s no payment for the photographs. You’ll be doing it for fun and in the knowledge that you’ll be educating people about the authentic Kama Sutra positions. I’m sure you’ll enjoy creating a Kama Sutra ambience and taking the pictures – it certainly adds an extra frisson to lovemaking.


Here is a sample chapter of the book with descriptions of all the positions in case you need to revise.