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Happiness And The End Of Something

Yesterday we drove the two hours up to Les Angles to go snowboarding again. It was hot and sunny, as it has been for days now, and the pistes were slushy and running with water and I knew it was the last time this season. Snowboarding is one of the things I live for so how do […]

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Goodbye CBT, Hello Dating Tips

This morning I finished my book on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). A few clicks later it was in my editor’s office in London. Not so long ago I would have had to print it out, drive 20 km to the nearest post office in Figueres and spend 20 Euros sending it. The internet has transformed […]

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Snowboarding, Tantric Sex And CBT.

One of the great thing about being a writer is that you can take off when the mood comes over you. Yesterday it came over me and we drove the two hours up to our nearest decent ski station, Les Angles in the French Pyrénées Orientales. Actually we both now snowboard rather than ski because it’s far, far easier […]

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Writing About Sex

It’s a tough job writing about sex. I could have been watching TV like other people but yesterday evening I devoted myself to the one-hour yoni massage. And there was no overtime pay. But, as they say, somebody has to do it. For those of you not yet into Tantric sex the yoni is the vulva/vagina. 1st stage. […]

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Dating Advice Wanted

I’m currently writing two books at the same time. One is on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and the other is all about dating. Now it’s quite a while since I was dating. I’ve got all the scientific literature about, for example,  how many times a woman has to smile at a man before he’ll pluck […]

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Cherie, Tony And Yoni Massages

Last week I wrote about the way so many people feel guilty about sex. That certainly doesn’t apply to Cherie and Tony Blair. But the fact that their ‘revelations’ have left so many people aghast just underlines how repressed many people are. For those who haven’t caught up with the interview Mrs Blair gave to […]

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Sex Lessons In Chicago

The story about the human sexuality class at Northwestern University, Chicago, is just the latest to underline how frightened and guilty so many people are when it comes to sex. For those who missed it, it appears that on the 21st February Professor John Michael Bailey allowed a couple to demonstrate the use of a […]

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Sex Every Day

Sex was pretty soon the topic of conversation when we had a few friends around for dinner last night. I’ve got quite skilful at cajoling people into revealing what they do and what they don’t do. Occasionally someone will say, ‘People who talk about it don’t do it.’ But, of course, that’s not true. Do […]

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