What Does 10/10 Happiness Feel Like?

How happy is it possible to be? I’m wondering, because the Office for National Statistics has just published the results of its preliminary survey into happiness in Britain. The key question was, ‘Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?’ On a scale of zero to ten, around three-quarters of Brits rated themselves a seven or higher. And just over a third actually rated their day a nine or a perfect ten.

Only 12 per cent scored themselves a five or lower, which is bad news for sales of my books How To Be Happier and Transform Your Life With NLP.

Nevertheless, I’m very pleased for all those people – if their scores paint a true picture.

But I don’t believe they do.

As a writer on happiness it might be a good idea for me to lie and say I’m a permanent 10 myself. But I’m not. The key question is this. What would 10/10 happiness feel like?

I’d really like to hear your thoughts.

To get things rolling I’ll tell you how, to me, the state of 10 would be. Something like this:

  • ·         The exhilaration I feel on a beautiful sunny winter’s day gliding through off-piste powder at La Grave (and doing it better than I do now).
  • ·         Combined with the ecstasy I feel when I practise Tantric sex.
  • ·         Combined with the euphoria I have very occasionally felt in the aftermath of a meditation session.
  • ·         Combined with the complete absence of fear about anything at all.
  • ·         Combined with love, given and received.
  • ·         Combined with almost uncontrollable laughter at the finest practitioners of the custard pie.

And that would have to be non-stop, all day.

So that’s my 10/10. I’m wondering if the people who scored themselves a ten actually felt something like that. Or do they just set the set the bar much lower? Over to you. What to you would be a ten? Comments please.

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