Sex After 50…And 60…And 70…

Weekends are usually working days for me. I prefer to take time off when the pistes and the beaches are at their quietest. But my partner slips over to Roses on a Sunday morning and brings back a newspaper. This week it was the Sunday Times. I see that even columnist India Knight, writing in support of Cherie Blair, rather damns senior sex with faint praise (see my A Writer’s Life entry yesterday). Cherie, she asserts, is ‘striking a blow for womankind by alluding to her pushing-60 sex life’.

But then India spoils it all by writing: ‘This isn’t a plea for everyone who is no longer a spring chicken to start volunteering the lurid details of what they get up to in bed.’

Well, they should. Because surveys show that the Over 50s have much better sex than the youngsters. They have more time and they have more skill. Younger people could learn a lot from them.

And what’s with this ‘lurid’ anyway? Every part of the body is holy, as I explain in Get Intimate With Tantric Sex. Sex is beautiful, not lurid.

India, you’re doing quite well but I’m afraid you’re still suffering from guilt and inhibition. You need to work on it.

In this section of my website I’ll be very happy to publish any useful tips from older readers. And I’ll be blogging quite a few myself.

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