Cherie, Tony And Yoni Massages

Last week I wrote about the way so many people feel guilty about sex. That certainly doesn’t apply to Cherie and Tony Blair. But the fact that their ‘revelations’ have left so many people aghast just underlines how repressed many people are. For those who haven’t caught up with the interview Mrs Blair gave to the Evening Standard’s ES magazine, she said the ex Prime Minister ‘still excites me, in all possible ways’. The nation, apparently, was horrified.

Well, why not talk about sex? If you’ve just discovered something really good, why not pass it on?

P, a friend of mine, did just that by telling me about one-hour yoni massages. My partner and I are pretty used to lengthy sex sessions, including the special kind of Tantric foreplay known as nyasa. But one hour just on yoni massage did sound rather a lot. I’ll be letting you know how we got on in another post. But meanwhile I’d recommend the Blairs to include yoni massage in their repertoire, if they haven’t already.


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